Extracting More

Extracting More

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My finsub is tied in the basement. He's not paying Me enough. As if I'm concerned about his basic comforts. Now that I'm standing in front of him with tools, suddenly he wants to give Me more money? Too late. I know where the safe is. He's not getting released until he gives up the PIN. I'm wearing latex gloves because things may get messy. I pinch/twist his nipples. He stalls and gets slapped in the face. I hold a saw near his crotch and make him shake. Pliers to nipples, even the threat of wire cutters. I resort to HOM, but realize if I KO him there's no way to get the PIN. Nothing turns a man's mind off like arousal. When he feels My touch he wants to cum. It's a matter of time. I'm not letting him until he gives it up. He resists but then gets close, and then he caves. The moment I have what I need I let go, resulting a ruined orgasm. Knowing he's sensitive down there, I stroke him quickly and polish the head of his cock hard with My palm as he writhes in agony.



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