Cum Swap Cuties - Anna and Penelope

Cum Swap Cuties - Anna and Penelope

8min - 1080p - 187,389

Penelope Kay and her friend Anna Claire Clouds are getting ready to go on a ski trip. When they strut into the living room in their matching outfits, Anna Claire's stepbrother, Alex Mack, mocks their choice of clothing. The girls disappear and try again with somewhat more appropriate clothing, but Alex still isn't satisfied. When he tells them to try again, Penelope whispers an idea to Anna Claire. They disappear once again to change, but this time they take their time. Just as Alex is starting to wonder where they went, the girls reappear in just their hats, gloves, and bras and panties. They share a kiss, at which point Alex admits they look really hot.



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