Fisting Draven Starr

Fisting Draven Starr

Lena Paul 24min - 1080p - 643,091

When Draven Starr came to visit me we decided to dress up in something sexual, lacey, and white to denote a bit of innocence. That was a decision made purely to create a juxtaposition with out initial look and the insane boundary pushing sex that would follow. We just knew things were going to get heavy. Things start with determined pace and we gradually increase until we've eaten and fingered each other to an orgasm, then I attempt stretch out Draven's little pussy. Gradually working more and more fingers until she begs me for more and pulls in my whole fist! She was dripping wet I don't remember needing any lube we were both so turned on. After she reached a quaking orgasm we had to regroup for some lust laden making out and a final grope sesh. I know you guys will enjoy this one.



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