Phoenix Enjoys A Cuckold MFM

Phoenix Enjoys A Cuckold MFM

Homemade Cuckolding 11min - 720p - 686,997

A few months ago I asked my cuck about what he thought about me having a gangbang. His ears pricked up as did his dick, and he told me that of course he would be excited for that to happen. I told him that I was craving lots of dick, and I needed more than what one Bull could provide for me. He said that a gangbang might be just what I need then. I told my cuck to book a hotel and put out an ad on craigslist to get as many Bulls as possible and we would do it one weekend. I barely finished my sentence before he jumped up, erection at full mast and sat down at the computer to make an ad. The next weekend came and my cuck had 5 suitable Bulls that said they were going to be there. We booked the hotel room and headed over. I was a bit nervous at first, I had never done so many guys at once so this was going to be a new experience for me. My cuck was going to be in the room for safety reasons so I wasnt worried, but I was definitely horny as hell. We checked in, ate dinner and had a quickie as we were both very horned up. Then we waited. After about twenty minutes the first guy shows up. A young white guy, very cute and kind of boyish looking. His response to our ad was intelligent and thoughtful, and I was drawn to his shyness. It certainly helped that he had a 9" thick dick. A few minutes after another guy knocks on the door. A skinny black guy, also young, walks in. He had a very nerdy/geeky vibe and I loved it. The photos of his dick were something special, 11" long but thinner than most. It reminded me of a slurpee straw, and I know I would definitely be slurping it down that night. I even had him measure it for me! Thirty minutes go buy and nothing. I instruct my cuck to call the other guys, to see whee they are at. Two answer and give some excuse that they cant make it. The other a no call/no show. Some guys just cant handle a gangbang in real life I guess. I decided due to my hornyness that the show must go on, and that it will be a threesome instead of a gangbang. My cuck asks if he could jion in to make it one, but I remind him that he is my cuck and he should instead watch and film. We start by holding each other, one guy on either side of me. They kiss me, rub their hands all over me and enjoy my smooth skin. Its not long before they are taking off my bra and sticking their hands down my panties. I return the favor by grabbing both of their cocks through their boxers. Both were certainly right about their size. One, then the other, stands up on the bed putting me at eye level of their dicks. I dont hesitate as I begin sucking them both off, taking turns. I take my hitachi and pleasure myself while doing this, my pussy has been wet and needs some attention while I am servicing them. It really does the trick! The Black Bull sticks his dick into me while I am doing this, pumping his cock into me while my clit is vibrating. Instant orgasm! The other Bull lines up next to me so that I can continue to suck his thick dick. I toss the hitachi aside as they both fuck my holes. They swap positions several times, making sure that I am licking all of my girl cum off their cocks when they do. We move over to the couch where I deepthroat as much of that Black cock as I can. He flips me over and takes me from behind in doggystyle. I can tell he loves my ass as he fucks me. He has better leverage here and he goes deeper and deeper into my pussy with his length. After awhile he takes a break, and my White Bull takes his spot, grabbing my ass and stretching my pussy. The other Bull comes around and sits in front of me so I can suck him off some more while being fucked from behind. The rocking motion of the threesome was having me dripping. I cum on his dick hard and he in turn cums as well. The Bulls switch positions again, and now fully rested, the Black Bull begins to fuck my cunt harder and harder. I struggle to suck the other one's dick as I moan, the Black Bull climbing on top of me and pulling my shoulders back to make sure he can stuff every inch of hos cock inside my wanting pussy. Unable to get hard after cumming before, I turn my attention to his balls, licking and sucking on them. We go back to the couch where the Black Bull continues to fuck me, this time in missionary. He hugs me close as he thrusts his big dick deep inside. It doesnt take long before he cums, and I let him shoot his cum all over my face. While I didnt get the gangbang that I wanted, their cocks more than made up for it. I take a shower, thinking about how even more guys will be great. I quickly pass out on the bed, my pussy still swollen and red. Eventually I will have my gangbang!



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