Defloration Russian beautiful girl

Defloration Russian beautiful girl

Silicone Girls 29min - 1080p - 54,715,979

Gadky Utenok I am an 18-year-old gymnast from St Petersburg. Right now, however, the only thing on my mind is S-X! I am too shy to actually go ahead and meet a guy on my own but that is all I ghink of at night and during the day. Last week, I got the perfect opportunity, a stepping stone to my dream of a career as a porn star. I approached Sergey, the producer, for help. How do I lose my virginity??? I was called for a casting video to prove my virginity. I was more than willing to do this. I told him of my dream of becoming a porn star. There is a lot of competition nowadays. I have seen documentaries in which porn stars are interviewed and they tell of the large amounts they earn. I want to be one of them, one of the best. Money of course is a charm but I want the experience. Nothing seems to me to be more erotic than sex in front of others. With my video for flexyteens website, I told the incident when my coach touched my virgin pussy. This made me feel so horny that I rushed off immediately to the locker room and masturbated. I pushed the crotch of the leotard aside and put my fingers into my virgin vagina. As I rubbed the lips, I immediately came and my leotard got wet! This was my first experience. After this, I would touch myself whenever I got the chance. I was always so busy with ad practice that I never got the chance to actually interact with boys. When I masturbate, I always dream of someone touching me, squeezing my teenage tits, grabbing my ass and kissing me deep and hard. I would feel his hard cock, in my dreams, pushing against my virgin pussy. I would imagine his tongue exploring my virgin clit, pulling my lips apart and making me cum again and again. I am too shy to even dream about him penetrating me. Now, with this casting video, if the producer is impressed enough, I will get the chance of actually losing my virginity in front of the camera! That will be a great thing for me. After I revealed my virginity to the world through the video today, I touched myself like I do at home. I imagined being touched by my mysterious guy, imagined his big dick touching the lips of my virgin pussy. I touched my teenage boobs, my virgin clit, my smooth teenage body, my rounded ass. Suddenly the entire couch was wet! I also showed how I did anal masturbation. I couldn’t control myself. It was a thrilling experience. It was awfully erotic. It was fantastic! I could see the bulge in the producer’s pants and knew what that meant. I was thrilled to have aroused him! Seeing that, I got even more aroused. There will be a day soon when I become a pornstar. I will have a difference. Being a gymnast, I am very flexible. I would love to have my guy lick my pussy while I am doing a split. As I do a bridge, my tits get stretched and sometimes my coach touches them then. I somehow find this extremely sensual. I would love to try out some moves like this with a man. Oh! There are so many ideas in my mind once I lose my virginity! My parents are not aware of my fantasy. My step grandmother was also a gymnast and it was because of her that I was enrolled. We are both similar. She had broken many hearts and had many lovers. I am very shy right now but I am sure I too will learn to entice men and make them fall in love with me. Right now I need someone strong and experienced to take me in his hands and take control. I am ready to let go and almost bursting with the sexual energy inside. I feel one time won’t ever be enough for me. I have told my parents that I want to have a career in modelling and films. With time, they will come to know. I am sure they too will support me some day. I realised in my casting video that I come alive in front of the camera. My senses are all aroused. My teenage tits, my virgin pussy, everything became super sensitive, I wanted to cum again and again. As a gymnast, I do not have much inhibitions about removing my clothes. I love my body. Each part of my body: my tits, my fingers, my belly button, my toes, everything! I am also sure no man can resist my body. I just need to overcome my shyness. And if I get the chance to lose my virginity in front of the camera, there will be no looking back for me!



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