Redhead and Blonde doctors fucking male patient

Redhead and Blonde doctors fucking male patient

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You volunteered for a paid experiment, and when the day arrives you're given the address of a warehouse. You follow the written instructions left for you at the front door: you change into a hospital gown & lie on the examination table. You're quite surprised when two attractive women enter, wearing lingerie & lab coats. Other than that, everything seems very professional at first. The scientists take your vitals, but then the blonde tech pulls up your gown. The redhead says that since you clearly didn't read the packet, she'll explain what the study is about. They're studying the effects of stress on male virility. The 1 rule: You're not allowed to touch. Cali, the blonde, begins to stroke your penis. Olivia, the redhead, takes your vitals again to see how the stimulation is affecting you. You're shocked when she puts on a pair of gloves & begins to give you a blowjob. You had no idea this experiment would entail sex acts. The scientists continue in a sterile fashion & take turns having sex with you. Olivia is clearly taking perverse pleasure in observing your reactions to the "stress". Cali goes the extra mile, deepthroating you & showing off her ass while she rides you, pounding your cock into her pussy. These too are very dedicated to their work, making notes on their clipboard while tormenting you. Technician Cali milks your cock until you cum into her mouth, then she spits the "sample" into a test tube. Before you've fully recovered from the shock of the unexpected orgasm, Olivia explains that the fluid in the IV isn't saline, it's a paralytic which is slowly stopping your heart from beating. Unfortunately, the University wouldn't sanction their sexual experiment, and they can't have you alive to protest or invalidate their results. They plan on getting very rich off the experiments & won't have you interfering. The truth of your situation begins to sink in before you feel yourself slipping away into oblivion.



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