Bang 18 - Gianna Dior

Bang 18 - Gianna Dior

5min - 720p - 18,934,971

Gianna returns home from when she realizes she forgot her keys and is locked out. She tries to get in using the doggy door but then she gets stuck, she calls her step for help and when he comes over and tries to push her thru the hole, he gets horny, Gianna is right there on all fours with her pretty ass exposed and no panties, so he pulls his dick out and penetrates Gianna, she gets shocked at first but after a while she starts enjoying it, then her step comes home and offer to help her from the backyard so her step turns around to make Gianna suck his dick without been caught. Finally, helps Gianna out of the doggy door, but cannot wait, he takes her and storms out to her bedroom, there Gianna keeps sucking his dick before getting pound really hard all over her bed until delivers his hot load right inside her



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