Asian Nurse Jerks You Off In The Shower : A Sneak Peek

Asian Nurse Jerks You Off In The Shower : A Sneak Peek

Aglaeagroup 2min - 1080p - 99,590

Nurse Jackoff knows how to take care of her patients. Today she visits Nicky - a patient with Cerebral Palsy who is in need of help... and love. She undresses him, then carries him into the shower. Carefully setting the temperature, very consciously she checks on him to make sure it's comfortable. She begins washing his hair, sudsing him up and rinsing him down, until he playfully pulls her in with him. To her surprise, he begins kissing her. "Do you like me more than just as your nurse?" He nods. "I love you too." as she begins undressing. She continues washing him, as he washes her, until she notices his cock swelling up. She starts massaging the shaft and decides she wants to make him cum. She twists her wrist with an up & down motion while caressing his heavy balls. He grunts and cheers as he busts out a thick load on Nurse Jackoff's tits...



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