Cute Teen loves to suck Daddys Cock ! - LovlyLuna

Cute Teen loves to suck Daddys Cock ! - LovlyLuna

Lovlyluna 9min - 1080p - 118,624

The last day in our friends' house. The group wants to go on a trip to the city center, to the ice cream parlor. My best friend and I thankfully decline, after all we want to have some time for the two of us. ;) Our friends disappear outside, finally undisturbed !! We go into the bedroom, coincidentally I wear my extremely tight nylons which I know how awesome they make my buddy. We kiss sensually, I feel his hard cock on my body. We undress and go to bed. I take the lead and throw him on my back. He is completely helpless to my lust. His big pulsating cock stretches in front of me. I have to grin, after all we have known each other for so long ... Now I gently drive my lips along his penis and delight the glans with my tongue. I spit on the tail, slide my hand up and down the shaft and look deep into his eyes. I suck and suck his wet cock and I caress the balls very lovingly. A feast for blowjob fans !! I hope you enjoy the video! - Your Luna: *



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