Stepfather And Stepdaughters First Time

Stepfather And Stepdaughters First Time

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You wanted to kiss her back that night. The night your stepdaughter told you that she was in love with you. You felt your cock ache as her lips lingered on yours. Yes you’re a terrible stepfather… yes you’ve been gone since she was just a baby. But you know it’s wrong to let your little girl kiss you like that. You tried to explain to her why… that stepfather’s weren’t supposed to do those things with their stepdaughter’s. But she was relentless. You couldn’t take it anymore…the flirting…the seduction. Of course you’re attracted to her… but it’s just so wrong. You decide that she needs to see a psychologist. And for a while that seems to help a bit. You missed my first steps… you missed my first dance recital… you missed seeing me ride a bike for the first time… I want you to be the first to fuck my ass. I want us to have a memory together. I want you to. Please stepdaddy. Let me show you.” Xoxo Meana Wolf



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