Medical Examination JOI and Encouragement

Medical Examination JOI and Encouragement

Sophia Smith UK 10min - 1440p - 64,835

Thank you for coming into my office today. If you'll undress now, I'll inspect you as soon as I get on my examination gloves. Well, go on! I haven't got all day! That's it -- take it all off. Now, if you'll go over and get onto the bed, I'll begin. Okay, let's have a little look down there. Hmmm... very telling. There's only one thing that's going to help with this. You're going to have to masturbate. Yes, right here, right now! Go on. That's it, wrap your hand around your dick and stroke it up and down. That's it. I can see you're quite enjoying this, but I'm surprised it's taking you so long. It looks like I'll have to take over and do it myself. Yes, that's correct. I'm going to have to wank your dick. Of course that's not the official terminology, but I feel like you're the type of character for whom I have to dumb it down. I'll just roll up my sleeves... and you can spit on my hand. I need some lube, you know. Ah, lovely. You're enjoying that, aren't you?



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